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Re: X thinks my screen is larger than it actually is

In a message dated 4/6/99 6:27:27 PM Central Daylight Time, 
galt@inconnu.isu.edu writes:

> AFAIK, your problem is neither new nor soluble: what's happening is that
>  your pixelsize is too large for the default windowsize to fit within the
>  screen boundaries--either set a higher resolution or live with it.  The
>  problem is not that your virtual resolution is too high, it's that your
>  screen resolution is too low: however, you might get better results if
>  you set your virtual resolution higher than your actual screen: you'd at
>  least be able to navigate to the parts that don't show up on your screen.
>  Sorry I can't be of more help--it's happened to me on more than one
>  occasion :( 

This isn't directed at you in any way, but that answer really grates on my 

I have a Toshiba laptop - and it supports 640x480 just fine.  Yes, if I 
increase the resolution, I don't actually get finer details, but a bigger 
virtual desktop.   And frankly, I don't like that feature at all.  

What really irks me is that Linux/XF86Free doesn't support 640x480 mode 
correctly in the first place.  If I had the knowledge, I'd fix it, believe 
me...  but I don't.  And frankly, being forced to live with this limitation 
is rediculous.  Last time I checked, 640x480x256 was still "THE" standard VGA 
mode that any monitor will support.  Strange that XF86 doesn't...

Curious - do any of the other X servers correct this problem?  I'd be willing 
to pay for a package that did..


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