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Re: [SuSE Linux] What DO you lose with Linux ???

>> Heres a good point about linux, anyone found a good irc client for x
>> than Bitchx in a E-Term :) that doesn't crash everytime you click (yagirc
>> anyone).
>> I still find for everyday use Win95/NT is better (quaking, ircing,
>> browsing, ftping).

OK well folks dont shoot me and no i dont use it often but.. mIRC runs
just great from linux using the standard wine config. Yes this is the
windowsXX irc client.. I simply type 'wine /dos/mirc/mirc32.exe&' and it
starts up. I run #Hottub on UnderNet and from time to time i help the
other ops with their mIRC scripts. Wine also installed mirc for me on a
very small windows/dos partition. This I found was great as I havent
booted that windows partition in well over a year now :-)

I used tkirc alot last year and found it quite stable. I've been irc'ing
since 91 or 92 and it's always been from the console or an xterm and it's
how i continue to now :-) It's hard to get away from it after so long.

As for browsing, downloading, uploading... I have always found that linux
gave me a much better (more stable/reliable) connection via dialups. I've
always noticed a difference in higher speeds and performance in linux.

Quake.. Well it just rocks from linux. I've played from windows a few
times and find it ran faster in linux. This is believe has to do with
windows eating so much memory and not swapping as well as under linux.

-Rob aka Adrenolin@UnderNet

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