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Re: Convert FAT32 to FAT16 with windows 98

On Mon, 29 Mar 1999 simonst@WellsFargo.COM wrote:

> Does anyone know how to mix FAT32/FAT16/Linux partitions on a single hard
> drive?

You can't convert drives of less than 256 Megabytes to FAT32, so if
your hard drive is partitioned with <256 Mb logical or primary 
partitions, Windows's FDISK will presumably not convert them 
automtically when you tell it you'd like large disk support.  More
practically, ignore FDISK and convert the partitions that you 
want to go to FAT32 individually.  It's not a lengthy process.

> I want to do this because my 99.9%-full 1.2GB FAT16 partition expanded to
> 1.6GB when I copied it to a 2GB FAT16 partition(due to a larger cluster
> size, I guess), but took only 800MB on a FAT32 partition.

Hmmm.  Your 1.2 and 2.0 partitions would have the same size cluster size
-- 32 Kilobytes.  FAT32 brings that down to 4 Kb per cluster, which
explains your size reduction.  

   Mike Shupp
   California State University, Northridge
   Graduate Student, Dept. of Anthropology

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