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Re: XFree86 & dselect questions

> doing soemthing wrong, but was something as simple as Pine left out of
> the distro?  Anywho, basically, I guess dselect is the easier way to do
> things, but I can't even find Netscape in there.  Is there a page onthe

Both of these don't fit Debian's idea of free (see
http://www.debian.org/intro/free). The University of Washington (the
originator of pine) won't let us distribute binaries built from modified
source (we have to change a few lines here and there to put files in the
right places, etc.).  It _is_ allowed, however, to distribute source and a
patch, so what we do is distribute the source, and a patchfile, together
with a makefile that'll build you a pine .deb. 

Netscape works similarly -- it's technically illegal for us to
redistribute netscape binaries.  There is a netscape .deb in the contrib
section -- you download the netscape .tar.gz from netscape.com,  put it in
/tmp,  and install the netscape .deb file,  which unzips and installs the


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