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Re: XFree86 with Neomagic

Ian Lynagh <ian@lynagh.demon.co.uk> writes:

> >Debian 2.1 has the neomagic driver.  If you MUST have the 3.3.1 version,
> >install Debian's X like usual, then go to master.debian.org/~vincent/ and grab
> >the temporary 3.3.1 debs.  or you can simply place xfree86.orgs xserver binary
> >in /usr/local/bin and edit /etc/X11/Xserver to call it.
> Using 3.3.1 would be advisable if you don't want X to break when you
> upgrade to Debian 2.2 (glibc2.1 apparently kills it).

i am using the debian neomagic package with glibc2.1 with only minor
problems (the screen gets totally messed up on resuming from powersave
mode, but then changing the resolution restores it to normal). this is
running xfree


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