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Help with cdwriting

I have desided to go back to Debian for my Linux needs.  I am now installing a
Debian 2.1 box with a HP cd writer drive in it.  This is going to be the main
purpose of this box.

I know under redhat I used /dev/sgc for the device to access the drive.  I am
assuming I use the /dev/sg0-9 driver for Debian.  I have the sg drivers loaded
in the kernel and I see them in the /dev directory but when I run the cdrecord
program against any of them, it comes back saying that it cannot find the drive.

I also thought that I would try xcdroast.  It sees the drive but does not see
any driver file listed for it.  I also cannot get past the configuration screen
on the program although, that may be my problem since I have never used that
program before.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Brian Schramm

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