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Re: A CVS like server

Gary Pupurs <gpupurs@umich.edu> writes:

> I'm looking for something similar for a web-based document version control
> system.  I've considered CVS/RCS and Perl as a solution, but havent found
> anything pre-existing.  Most related products out there are in the $x0,000
> price range; for our needs, free would be best. :)  Let me know if you
> find anything...
> On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Lawrence Walton wrote:
> > Is there a CVS like server for only binary files? It could be much simpler all I realy need is a secure way of checking in and out binary documents over the net, and version control. :>

I think CVS and ssh will do most of what you're asking for.  You can mark
files as binary with CVS and RCS.  Check out "cvs admin -kb <file>" and
"cvs admin -ko <file>".

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