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Re: Pacakges

Unfortunately there is no simple answer; some will and others will not.  I
would recommend staying away from the potato versions of libc6 and ldso,
for example.  This situation changes almost daily.  I'm running potato and
it has never broken enough to justify a reinstall, but not everything

You are probably safe with most isolated applications--less so with system
components.  It may be helpful to check the package listings in the
Packages files, looking particularly at conflicts and depends.


On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, Craig T. Hancock wrote:

> Hello list does anyone use any unstable packages with the stable the
> reason I am asking is I do know that unstable means that they haven't
> been tested yet so I was thinking if trying some new versions of stuff
> but
> I wanted to ask before I try. I guess I\what I am trying to say is will
> a unstable package mess up everything I have if everything that I have
> is marked stable
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