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Backing up a Linux Machine (and NT)


How do I back up our linux server (Debian slink) using a HP
SureStore DAT8 tape drive.  The Dat Drive is an external box
attached to the linux server via an adapted scsi card.

This is probably a simple questiong to answer, but I cant find
the right info.

Which packages should I use to backup the server, so that it can
be left to automatically backup selected files overnight.

It would be nice to also access a winNT machine to backup about
20Meg of files, from the same linux server.  Any ideas how this
could be done?  I had thought about NFS, but was told by our
windoze 'expert' that winNT did not have NFS by default !!!

Any advice would be helpful, as I cant find any HOWTO's that
talk about these issues.


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