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Remote Unix printer - Permissions


I am running a linux print server that is working very nicely
with win95 clients (using samba) but am having trouble
connecting to the printer from linux clients.

I have read the printing howto (see snippet below) and it refers
to the /etc/hosts.lpd file, but I have know idea what the
structure of this file is supposed to be.

I have tried this from debian and from the red hat printing
tool, both configs are refused permission.  So I assume that I
need to enter details about which computers can print in the
remote hosts /etc/hosts.lpd config file.  

Anyone have any examples of this file.

Thanks in advance.

Printing HOWTO snippet:

To allow remote machines to print to your printer, you must list
the machines in /etc/hosts.equiv or /etc/hosts.lpd. (Note that
hosts.equiv has a host of other effects; be
sure you know what you are doing if you list any machine there).
You can allow only certain users on the other machines to print
to your printer by usign the rs
attribute; read the lpd man page for information on this.

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