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Re: Slink upgrade and xwindows

On Sun, 14 Mar 1999 servis@purdue.edu wrote:

> xdm was installed on your system before.  It was part of the old xbase
> package.  The reason xdm was sucked in during the upgrade was that
> because xbase was split into several different packages it was
> impossible to determine which components of it were being used before
> the upgrade.  So all components that were part of xbase were Required

The trouble is that if I try to remove xdm in dselect, it tries to remove
xbase as well. I think xdm should maybe depend on xbase but I really don't
think it should be the other way around. I understand why this might have
been done ... the tradeoff being that there would be more complaints if
XDM went away than if it suddenly appeared but I wish I could get rid of
it without making dselect scream about xbase all the time.

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