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Re: elm sending blank mails

On 13 Mar 1999, John Goerzen wrote:
> Max Kamenetsky <maxk@chinook.stanford.edu> writes:
> > No, I haven't tried downgrading yet, though I know that the problem is not
> > with the kernel version.  I get the same problem with kernel 2.2.3.  I'd
> > also be very surprised if this were an MTA problem because pine works
> > fine.  I haven't tried downgrading glibc because that is a major task
> Pine and Elm may be talking in different ways to the MTA or feeding it 
> different types of data.
> I'd suggest that you make a full bug report, including version numbers 
> of everything, log files with as much debugging information as
> possible, a sample blank mail, and the like.  Try it with different
> kernel versions, different libc versions, etc., replacing things one
> at a time until the problem goes away.

Actually, I was finally able to narrow the problem down a bit.  It seems
that elm is unable to send messages that are less than about 4K in size. 
This happens both from the command line and inside elm.  E-mails larger
than that (and the headers count too) go through just fine.  Neither pine
nor mail have this problem.  Downgrading to exim 2.0.5 didn't solve the
problem, so I'm starting to think that this may have something to do with
elm and glibc2.1.  Any other clues?  Which deb files do I need to get to
downgrade glibc to 2.0.7?


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