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Netscape won't go

I had had Netscape working once under Caldera OpenLinux, but had to do a
re-install.  Naturally, I thought since it worked before it would be easy to
get Nescape going again.  HA!!  I cannot figure out for the life of me what
I'm doing wrong.  I am now trying to get it to go under RedHat (since I'm
studying that through ZDU) but no go.  I put the DNS #'s the way I thought I
had them before, but it no work.

I just finished a twenty-minute wait for Netscape to find the home page and
finally gave up and killed X-windows.  So here I am, writing this obviously
in Winblows Outlook Express.  The only way I can get on to the Web.

>From what I heard, even on a bad day AOL wasn't that bad (waiting 20
minutes).  (A little humor so I won't go mad!)

Thanks.  Ed

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