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Re: elm sending blank mails


I don't know if this is a problem with glibc2.1 or Exim -- neither of
which I have the opportunity to test (my development platform is Alpha 
running sendmail).

It is possible that your kernel version is causing trouble; being an
"unstable" and development kernel could have its risks.

Have you tried downgrading system components one by one to make sure
that it's really an elm problem and not a glibc2.1 one?  What happens
with other MTAs?

Max Kamenetsky <maxk@chinook.stanford.edu> writes:

> I just upgraded my potato system to the latest version of libc and exim,
> and I'm not faced with the problem of elm sending blank e-mails.  If I
> send a test message or reply to someone else's e-mail, the message comes
> out blank.  The mail buffer gets written to a file in /tmp just like it's
> supposed to, and I can see that it's there right before I press "s" to
> send.  The strange thing is that the message is sent empty, even though
> it gets written properly to my "sent" folder.  There are no error messages
> in exim's mainlog.  What is even stranger is that if I send a MIME
> message, it goes through OK.  Pine also works fine.  So, does anyone know
> what's going on?  I'd really like to get this fixed ASAP, but it seems
> that the Debian version of elm wasn't compiled with debugging support.
> I'm running glibc2.1 under kernel 2.1.121.
> Thanks, and please reply via e-mail!
> Max Kamenetsky

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