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elm sending blank mails

I just upgraded my potato system to the latest version of libc and exim,
and I'm not faced with the problem of elm sending blank e-mails.  If I
send a test message or reply to someone else's e-mail, the message comes
out blank.  The mail buffer gets written to a file in /tmp just like it's
supposed to, and I can see that it's there right before I press "s" to
send.  The strange thing is that the message is sent empty, even though
it gets written properly to my "sent" folder.  There are no error messages
in exim's mainlog.  What is even stranger is that if I send a MIME
message, it goes through OK.  Pine also works fine.  So, does anyone know
what's going on?  I'd really like to get this fixed ASAP, but it seems
that the Debian version of elm wasn't compiled with debugging support.

I'm running glibc2.1 under kernel 2.1.121.

Thanks, and please reply via e-mail!

Max Kamenetsky

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