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Apt, Dselect, and Dpkg. What's the different?

Hi all,

I am new at Debian and I am kind confused about the Apt, Dselect, and Dpkg
programs. Slink was released earlier today and it has:
        Apt (part 1), the new backend to dselect
        Apt (part 2), the new commandline
I know Apt will soon have a front end (Apt 3 for "Potato") that will
replace Dselect but for now does Apt (part 1), the new backend, replaces
Dpkg program because Dpkg is also a backend to deselect?

I am really confused about the relation of Apt, Dselect, and Dpkg. If
anyone has the time, please write back and tell what is the defferences
and relationship between these programs. If this question was asked
before, please tell me the date of it and I will look for it.

(If you recieve this email twice, sorry about that. I sent the other one on 
my other email account, but it crashed yesterday so I don't if it get 
throught or not.)

Thanks alot,

Linux Rules!

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