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re: Laptop install Help Needed


> 2. I can't get the machine to talk on the network. How do I do this?

  Do you have an IP number for the laptop? Your sysadmin should give/lend
you one, and also tell you what the values for "broadcast", "gateway"

> I know there are a hundred right answers to this question, I'm
> looking for the easiest/quickest ways.... How do I get 3c575
> support? I'm not sure I'm up to compiling a kernel yet. Should I

  As of the pcmcia 2.9.6, driver I am not sure 3c575 is
supported. 3c589 is. I am not sure, but hamm/slink may have built-in
pcmcia support. 

> consider other pcmcia cards that I have access to like NE200 or
> 3c589, or is pcmcia problematic and should I look for a pocket
> adatper or something else?


> 3. Once I get the network working should I use NFS or FTP to access 
> the packages? (are there important pro's and con's of each?)

  It may be easier to do it by ftp, because for nfsm, your sysadmin
will need to give you mount authorization on a server. 

  Hope that helps, 


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