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Re: I can't believe this

George Bonser wrote:
> I think these criticisms are overstated in many cases.  Ever try to get
> ppp running on Solaris? I have installed many distributions. The initial
> install is only a portion of the problem. The rest comes in getting the
> system configured the way that you need it.  That is where Debian excels.

I've tried most of the distributions. I started with slackware, dabbled
with redhat, tried debian 1.3 but wasn't able to get past dselect back
then, used suse for more that a year, and now I'm settled with debian. 

IMO, dselect takes a little getting used to, but after playing with it
for a while, it really is quite powerful. I really like apt though.

Debian has been the *easiest* to get a ppp connection up and running.
I've never really had any problem with X, except for my early
experiences with trident card (don't go there!).

I can't really find any criticisms that were mentioned that reading
through the docs, or asking on this list wouldn't solve.

Maybe one of us should write a rebuttal to point out the author's
misconceptions about debian. Maybe it might even get published.

> Oh, BTW, has anyone ever tried porting the SuSE sax X configuration
> program to Debian? I downloaded the source but have not gotten it to build
> yet ... still shanging stuff in Makefiles, etc.

I don't know, but if you manage, let us know. sax is one of the programs
I miss from SuSE.


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