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from a newbie

   I am new to Debian GNU/Linux.Until now I had been using RedHat Linux
system( now also in my institute I am using it).But thanks to afew friends
who introduced me to Debian system.I want to explore more on them.
   One thing which attracted me to Debian system is the scripts it gives
for allmost any task.For example,I was looking for a command to delete a
particular daemon from being activated at a particular runlevel.One of my
friends(Mr Raghavendra Bhat,VU2RGU who is also in this list) suggested me
to use the command "update-rc.d" . It is an excellent command and I am
sure that a number of such command exists.
  Can any body please suggest me a good online guide which tells me about
these type of tips and tricks?I downloaded Debian User Guide,but that is
not the one I am looking for.
Ramakrishnan.M   alias  ramOO

Ramakrishnan M
#211 ,Cauvery hostel,
Indian Institute of Technology,Madras,
Chennai-600 036, INDIA

" Software is like sex;It's better when it's free "
                                                   -Linus Torvalds

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