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Re: from a newbie

There are several places online that list commands and their usage.  I need to get to
work so I will leave you with a link that I found last night that might help with your


Good luck,

Ramakrishnan M wrote:

> Hi,
>    I am new to Debian GNU/Linux.Until now I had been using RedHat Linux
> system( now also in my institute I am using it).But thanks to afew friends
> who introduced me to Debian system.I want to explore more on them.
>    One thing which attracted me to Debian system is the scripts it gives
> for allmost any task.For example,I was looking for a command to delete a
> particular daemon from being activated at a particular runlevel.One of my
> friends(Mr Raghavendra Bhat,VU2RGU who is also in this list) suggested me
> to use the command "update-rc.d" . It is an excellent command and I am
> sure that a number of such command exists.
>   Can any body please suggest me a good online guide which tells me about
> these type of tips and tricks?I downloaded Debian User Guide,but that is
> not the one I am looking for.
> Ramakrishnan.M   alias  ramOO
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