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Re: Minimal requirements for xwindows and slave hard disk installation

> Hi,


> I just got myself an old 270 MB hard disk...to supplement the 120Mb I have
> on my current disk. I've got debian Linux installed on it..Anyone knows how
> I should go about it.

Ok, one thing to do if you are running out of space is partition the new
disk and make it your /usr
For that you will have to copy the files from existing /usr partition onto
a new partition you create, and change the /etc/fstab so that at boot you
mount a new disk instead of old one. The old partition can be utilized for
something else later.

 Also, I have about 72MB of free space left on the current disk. Add to that
> the 270MB(if I pass the smoke test!)..can someone tell me the minimal
> requirements for an xwindowing system ..I want to install netscape after
> that..

Hmm, you got about 440M total space.

Scorpio:/home/ryn# df
Filesystem         1024-blocks  Used Available Capacity Mounted on
/dev/hdb2             198123   95724    92168     51%   /
/dev/hda1            1029872  960624    69248     93%   /windows
/dev/hdc1             574626  216321   328621     40%   /usr

I have about 300M used up, add 90M swap to that, and I am running X,
Netscape, gcc, got kernel source installed, etc.
So you got enough space with that new disk.


 Andrei S. Ivanov                  
 UIN 12402354                      
 http://members.tripod.com/AnSIv   <--Little things for Linux.

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