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Re: still have browser trouble

	Subject: Re: still have browser trouble
	Date: Tue, Mar 02, 1999 at 09:15:59AM -0600

In reply to:debian-user-request@lists.debian.org

Quoting debian-user-request@lists.debian.org(debian-user-request@lists.debian.org):
> > Installed Debian 2.0 from CD and everything worked. Decided to add
> > space on hard disk but then several reinstalls all led to same browser
> > problems.Browsers arena and gzilla, which worked before, now give
> > error messages. Chimera2 still seems to work, but when used to
> > download netscape communicator, something is wrong with the downloaded
> > file. The file shows up in ls , gunzip says no such file or
> > directory.Have downloaded netscape several times from different sites.
> Sorry, I may have missed the early post. What error messages you get?
> As for netscape-communicator-*.tar.g     make sure you are typing the
> right file name, file is not a symbolic link, etc. These things might
> happen.
> > 
> > Tried variations of XF86Setup, no help. Have new IBM Aptiva with pro
> > rage card, not listed in XF86Setup, so used generic VGA card.
> You might want to look up earlier versions of ProRage, see if they are in
> the card library. This might help you to get more out of the X in terms of
> resolution and color depth. Also, use SVGA xserver, at least.
> > I have tried both gunzip xxx.tar.gz and gunzip ./xxx.tar.gz, neither
> > works.
> Ok, try this instead. In the dir. where you have netscape-communicator
> file (make sure it's not /tmp yet, or you might lose the file whenever you
> logout), type gunzip and then first 3-4 characters of the file name.
> Then hit TAB. If you don't have any other file names starting with those
> characters, it will display the ful file name. Easy way to avoid typos.

 And if still no go, try tar vtf xxx.tar.gz.  It might have been
gunzipped when it was downloaded.

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