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Re: modem user

	Subject: modem user
	Date: Mon, Mar 01, 1999 at 04:40:38PM -0600

In reply to:Fethi A. Okyar

Quoting Fethi A. Okyar(afo@or219a.e1.iit.edu):
> Hi,
> The last thing I expected to have problems with during my
> recent hamm installation (2.0.34) was with the modem, but 
> guess what?
> I spent a couple hours for the configuration, and figuring
> which jumper switches to use, my modem is using ttyS3. By 
> the way does anybody think it would be easier to use the 
> PnP mode, rather than hardwiring to COM3,IRQ4 ?
> The problem I'm having right now, is I can only run programs
> such as minicom or seyon, when I have root privilages ! 
> I tried creating a symbolic link to /dev/ttyS3, called it
> /dev/modem, and even when I used this ordinary users still
> cannot access the modem. 
> Help will greatly be appreciated !

Did you check permissions on /dev/ttyS3... Whoa  ttyS3 isn't COM 3 its

COM 1 & 3 use IRQ 4 ( ttyS0 & ttyS2)
COM 2 & 4 use IRQ 3 ( ttyS1 & ttyS3)
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