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RE: /var filesystem structure

On 01-Mar-99 Ben Frame wrote:
> I am trying use a mounted filesystem as my /var.  To 
> accomplish this, after I mount the other filesystem, I type 
> "mv var /mnt/destination" (/mnt/destination is the 
> directory that is mounted to another machine) and it 
> says, "cannot move 'var' across filesystems: Not a 
> regular file"

you have to a) use cp -a and then rm or b) use tar

> I understand what it means, but shouldn't there be an 
> easy way to do this?  Am I going about it all wrong?
> Do I have to (can I ?) set it up that way during the install? 
> Shouldn't I be able to have my /var be a mounted partition 
> on another machine? 

/var is not generally a good choice to remote mount.  It is usually full of
machine specific files.  Even arch specific files.  /usr and /home are safer.

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