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Re: Hamm -> Slink PROBLEMS

wax_man@bellsouth.net wrote:
> I am having problems upgrading my new box from hamm to slink.  I have installed
> apt for hamm.  I did changed my /etc/apt/sources.list file to point to
> ftp://ftp.us.debia.org/frozen main contrib non-free.  I then did an
> apt-get update followed by an apt-get dist-upgrade.  While trying to
> d/l, apt gave me the following errors:
> ERROR ftp://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/dists/frozen/main/binary-i386/admin/
> locales_2.0.7.19981211-5.deb
>   550 /debian/dists/frozen/main/binary-i386/admin/
> locales_2.0.7.19981211-5.deb: not a plain file.
> [other errors snipped]

	I had to give up on us.debian about a week ago because of these
kinds of errors.  Switch to another mirror, or ftp.debian.org,
until us.debian is fixed.

Ed C.

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