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Re: Intent to Party like its 1999

Chris Waters <xtifr@dsp.net> writes:

> Disclaimer: I live in San Jose.  :-)
> But still, if this is supposed to be a post-Linuxworld gettogether,
> wouldn't it make the most sense to have it *near* Linuxworld? 
> Convenient for people visiting the area for Linuxworld and staying in
> nearby {h,m}otels, convenient for people attending Linuxworld from
> around the bay.  Inconvenient only for those who aren't going to
> Linuxworld and aren't nearby.

Probably more people will be LinuxWorld on Tuesday than Monday.  If we 
need to have a Monday party, it doesn't need to be near LinuxWorld.
If the party is on Tuesday, it might as well be at LinuxWorld.

Kevin Dalley

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