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Re: Compiling my kernel - but it's not working as I planned

In a message dated 2/26/99 2:29:24 PM Central Standard Time,
shaleh@livenet.net writes:

> > 1) I'd LOVE to have the .config file used to create the distribution 
> version
>  > of kernel-image.2.0.36.  I can't imagine this is hard to obtain.  Can 
> someone
>  > tell me where to get it?   
>  > 
>  Grab the source for kernel-image.  Should be in there.

There was a .config.save when I unpacked kernel-source.2.0.36 - but something
along the way removed it when I made my first compile.  Guess I'll unpack and
try that.

>  > 2) I can't seem to get the cdrom.o module created.  I selected (as per
>  > HOWTOs) enhanced ide/mfm/rll disk/cdrom/tape support' and 'include ide/
> atapi
>  > cdrom support' and 'iso9660 cdrom fs'.  But after install the
>  > dir
>  > doesn't contain a cdrom dir - as it did with my base install.  What am I
>  > missing?  (Those options that allowed it I opted for the module version)
>  > 
>  > 3) On the same lines, the vfat module isn't being created in
>  I
>  > do have the filesystem option checked in menuconfig.  (Again, I selecte 
> the
>  > module version for vfat).
>  > 
>  > (On both 2 and 3 - I checked the compile listing [which I can provide if 
> you
>  > want it] and in fact vfat and cdrom aren't compiled as modules.
>  > 
>  You need to compile them AS modules, not included.  Type <m> instead of

If you reread my question - I did select all those options as 'm' - which is
why I'm asking the question.  :)

>  > 4) Do I need to recompile pcmcia-cs since I recompiled my kernel?  The 
> docs
>  > mention this - I'd like to know the reason.  Also, how do I do this 
> without
>  > overlaying all my existing config files for pcmcia and serial and PPP?  
> Sure
>  > wish there was a kernel-package option for pcmcia-cs.  :)
>  > 
>  pcmcia-cs is actually kernel modules.  So if it is compiled for a specific
>  kernel version.  You only need to re-make them if a) you want
>  less/more/different b) you get a new kernel version.
>  and yes, there is a kernel-package option for pcmcia.  Read the pcmcia docs
> to
>  find out more (make-kpkg modules_install will compile the pcmcia-modules).

Cool.  I didn't see the make-kpkg reference for pcmcia - but I'll look again. 

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