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Re: i740 and Xserver as user

On Mon, Feb 22, 1999 at 10:05:15AM -0600, Kent West wrote:
> This is  being forwarded to the list; please include Micheal in your reply.
> Thanks.
> At 11:11 PM 2/21/1999 -0500, you wrote:
> >I am replying to your post re the Intel i740 driver and Debian 2.0. 
> >I've recently switched to Debian from Redhat 5.2 to try it out. 
> >Everything installed well. I can only use XWindow as root. 
> >Everything seems to be in order: /etc/X11/Xserver file seems to be 
> >OK and I have Console on the second line. Just wondering why I'm 
> >not able to run X as user. My permissions seem to be ok and 
> >things seemed to be linked correctly. Any suggestions will be 
> >greatly appreciated. There aren't very many posts on this subject, 
> >just thought you might be able to shed some light on this problem. 
> >I don't know why Debian should be so difficult to configure. 
> >Thanks for anything.
> >
> >Best regards,
> >Mike
> >keeper@sssnet.com
> Mike:
>  I'm still a little too green to know these answers, so I've forwarded your
> message to the Debian Users list. If I were you, I'd probably use dselect
> to remove X base, which should give a message about dependency problems and
> hopefully remove other X stuff. Then let dselect/dpkg remove it. Then turn
> around and add X base back to your system (dependency stuff should include
> what you need), make sure you install the X server you want to use (SVGA,
> Mach64, etc), and let dselect/dpkg reinstall all that. Then see if things
> work the way you want.
> I'm sure there's a better way to fix this, but being limited in knowledge
> of the under-the-hood workings, this is what I'd try.
> -- 
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I'm running the i740 server under Debian linux with no problems. First, I 
installed xbase and all of its packages, along with the XF86_VGA16 server.
Then I used alien to install the glibc6 rpm package from RedHat's server. 
Thirdly, I edited /etc/X11/Xserver to point to the XBF_i740 server. I use 
kdm (an xdm clone) to run X, so I kept the RootOnly line. If you want to
be able to use X as a user, comment out the RootOnly line. 
Stephen Pitts
webmaster - http://www.mschess.org

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