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Re: Debian Logo *Idea* Contest! (Delay for painting contest required)


On Sun, 21 Feb, 1999 à 11:02:32PM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Laurent PICOULEAU wrote:
> > My ideas of debian/linux (without any significance in the order) are :
> >   freedom, power, cooperation.
> Sounds like elephants to me.

Why not ?
> > What animals symbolize these ? (and don't forget it's a cultural issue,
> > dragons are considered as dreadfull in occident and benevolent in asia)
> >  freedom : flying birds (Johnatan Livingston the seagull...)
> >  power : big and strong animals (elephant, bear, buffalo, whales)
> >  cooperation : social insects (ants, bees, termites)
> If you - or others - could turn this into draft logos we would have
> another set to choose from.

I'm afraid I'm not blessed with talent for drawing ! 

> > So animals don't appears as a good solution.
> No problem of using something else.  Please let your mind fly and
> come back with some drafts.
No problem as far as you don't expect me to draw these drafts ;-)
BTW does anybody understand what made the success of the gnu or the
penguin as logo ? They're not associated with some nice quality. The 
penguin drawn by Larry Ewing is nice and fun but the gnu ???
The more I think of that, the more I wonder if we should not just pick
an animal and draw it in a cool way to meet success. (beaver perhaps)

> > Last point, opposing to Joey, I do think that the word Debian should be
> > integrated in the logo, for example if the idea of the escape is taken,
> > the bottom of the sheet could be merged in the "i" of Debian.
> Well, you're allowed to have a different oppinion than me, however
> this wouldn't fit logo rules.
> Think of
> 0-------0
> 0       0
> 0  logo 0  Debian GNU/Linux - the universal operating system
> 0       0
> 0-------0
> 0-------0
> 0       0
> 0  logo 0
> 0       0
> 0-------0
> Debian GNU
>   Hurd
> Such positions of letters won't be possible.  As top of a web page
> you'll probably want to use the first one, but for logos on t-shirts
> letterheads and stuff you'd like to use the second one.
Let me make my view clearer : I was not thinking of putting together
a drawing and a few word but to integrate (stylized) letters in the
drawing. To give international examples, think of VolksWagen or
Texas Instrument whose logo include VW and TI. I think that the word
"Debian" is short enough to be a part of a logo. I agree with you
that "Debian GNU/Linux" would be to long for a logo.


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