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Re: pine & mutt

Hi John Galt,

you wrote on Sun, Feb 21, 1999 at 09:13:38PM -0700:

>I dunno about scoring--I rarely use the function, but I re-migrated back
>to TRN when I realized that SLRN had no killfiles, what I consider to be
>an essential tool in USENET.

You might want to read /usr/doc/slrn/SCORE_FAQ.gz, I quote:

Subject: 4. How do I score postings from a specific person?

Score: -9999
From: name@who\.knows\.where

assigns a score of -9999 to the person name@who.knows.where.
A score of -9999 is a special score. If an article scores this value
on a given test, any other tests for the article will be skipped and
*the article will be killed*.
What's your problem?

Kind regards


Linux *is* user-friendly.
It's just a little picky about it's friends.

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