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Re: Need help with new cable modem

*- On 20 Feb, Matt Campbell wrote about "Need help with new cable modem"
> Help!
> As of about 8 pm tonight I will have a brand spanking new cable modem 
> connection to the internet.  However, at this point it looks like it 
> might only work for Windows 95, and this sucks.  Is there anyone out 
> there on the @Home network who might be able to help me configure my 
> linux box to use it?
> I can tell already I have several issues to address:
> 1) Find a driver for the plug-n-pray PCI ethernet controller they 
> installed. (Realtek RTL8029 - a really really generic card, the box 
> doesn't even have the manufacturers name on it)

This is usually called a 'white box' version of a product and is used
by distributers and such,  it doesn't have the retail packaging and
extras and is thus usually costs less.

> 2) Configure a DHCP client.  Also, in relation to this, I may need to 
> change my hostname to that beastly thing they assigned me... ugh
> 3) Pray to God.  (Or gods, or goddesses, depending on religious 
> inclination)
> So, can anyone give me any pointers?
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I have no experience here but have you read the cable-modem mini howto
and the dhcp mini howto?  They might give you some info.


I think the key thing for the NIC is to disable the PNP mode of it. 
Usually this is done with a DOS program.  If you cable company didn't
give you one then you will have to find one on the web or ask them for

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