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Re: XFree86 is 3.3.3.

Graham Lillico +44 1785 782329 wrote:
> Does anyone know if XFree86 is 3.3.3.x is avaliable in deb format
> anywhere?  Or when we will have one avaliable?

It will not be in the distribution till the maintainer of the X11 Debian
packages feels comfortable about the current (3.3.2) packages.

Anyways, if you need specific support for a chipset, which is supported in
3.3.3 though not in 3.3.2, you're encouraged to download just the binary
X/Windows server from an xfree86.org mirror. Adjust /etc/X11/Xserver and
your 3.3.2 X/Windows systsem will work together with your 3.3.3 server.


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