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Re:dependency mess

I have run across a dependency problem and I wonder if I should just install
KDE from source.  When I tried to install the package I needed, that one
conflicted with one already installed, and I am afraid I will break my system
if I start removing stuff.

Or you could dpkg -i libjep....  then dpkg -i the kdelibs-dev etcetra.   I
find often that while installing a program I get that.  So I download or
install from cd the missing bits then reinstall or configure what I  wanted
originally.  I had that problem with xisp.  I would be real pleased if someone
could show me how to get my user account running.  I have an x running in it ie
kde but no programs.  eg pppd for starters. I don't want to set everything suid
as I think most documentation states this is a nono.   

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