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Re: DSelect and ftp

Robert-Jan Kuijvenhoven:
> I found some additional information about the cable modem:

Ah, you have a cable modem... and if it's not really Hayes-compatible,
you'll probably need to adjust the "chat script" that pon is using (most
likely in /etc/chatscripts/ ).

Once you get PPP up and running, that should solve the dselect problem.

As for the connection from minicom, minicom doesn't set it up as a network.
I think there *is* a way to hand it over from minicom to ppp, but I'm not
sure how, because I've never tried it. I assume one would quit out of
minicom using the `do not hang up' option, log in as root, and then do
"pppd /dev/ttyS0" (or ttyS1). Somebody else actually tried it?


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