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Re: Sound configuration not in initial install

On Thu, Feb 11, 1999 at 09:09:32AM -0600, David Webster wrote:
> During the drivers installation phase there is no facility for
> installing sound card info.  I find this quite odd since sound is as
> ubiquitous in computing today as ethernet and TCP/IP.  The failure to

Not on Unix, IMHO. But anyway ...

> not allow us to configure sound at the outset forces us newbies to go
> into the daunting task of recompiling a kernel which I have yet to do
> successfully as something always seems to get mucked up!!
> This is REAL shortcoming for Debian and I assume sound configuration
> will be part of the base modconf come release 2.2??????

On Linux 2.0, you have to recompile the kernel to tell the sound driver
about your hardware (right down to IO address, DMA and IRQ). There are
patches around to fix this but none are in the vanilla 2.0.36 kernel.
Linux 2.2, on the other hand, does have this.

In 2.2, I have the following sound modules: soundcore, sound, sb, 
and uart401. The configuration information is given on the command line
to insmod or in /etc/modutils. In 2.0, on the other hand, I have just
the module sound.

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