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Re: xterm & rxvt

Thus spake Shao Zhang (shaoz@unsw.edu.au):

> 	I have one xterm & one rxvt open. But when I typed the command
> 'w', I have only got one entry:
> USER     TTY      FROM              LOGIN@   IDLE   JCPU   PCPU  WHAT
> s2193893 ttyp0    :0.0              9:28pm  0.00s  0.47s  0.07s  w 
> 	The other entry from rxvt is somehow missing.
> 	Is this normal??

You'll need to compile it with the --enable-utmp option, otherwise it will not
create the utmp entry that w(1) and a number of other utils look at to see the
login records.  Plus, in order to write to utmp, the rxvt binary needs to be
suid root.  utmp should never, ever be writable to anyone but root, so the
suid is needed in order for it to make this entry.  Thankfully, it gives up
root privileges immediately (before the window even opens), it there's no need
to worry.

Type rxvt -h to see if it's compiled in.  The list of compile time options are
listed in parenthesis to the right of the version.

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