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RE: Kernel 2.2.1 & sound


This is a guess, I don't have access to my linux box now.

Probably your computer is trying to use the sfxload command to load sound
samples to your card. Maybe it is not finding the sfxload program (it is on
awe-drv package in section sound) or it is not fiding the samples file. In my
box I had to change the path to the samples file. Unfortunately I can't
remember where did I change this.



Shao Zhang writes:
 > Hi,
 > 	I have compile the awe_wave driver as a module in my kernel 2.2.1,
 > and when kernel boots up, it says the following line failed:
 > 	post-install awe_wave /usr/bin/sfxload 
 > /usr/lib/awe/sfbank/synthgm.sbk
 > 	Could anyone please give some idea where it went wrong?? Do I need
 > to install any specific package for the post-install command??
 > 	Thanks.
 > shao.
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