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Gnome and dependencies

I notice that in potato there are several gnome applications which are
dependent on libglib1.1 and/or libgtk1.1, while these are no longer in the
available list (they are shown as local/obsolete in dselect).  

I also show libglib1.1.5, libglib1.1.6, libglib1.1.9, libglib1.1.11, 
libglib1.1.12 and libglib1.1.13 as well as libgtk1, libgtk1.1.12,
libgtk1.1.13, libgtk1.1.14 and libgtk1.1.15 as being available.

Are these all independent libraries or are they different versions of the
same library?  Did the numbering system get changed without being
reflected in the dependency lists of some other packages (such as
gnome-admin, gmc, etc.)? 


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