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Re: slink install and libc6

In a message dated 2/9/99 7:00:45 PM Central Standard Time, morgan@hahaha.org

> > Hey guys, I really need some help solving this..  Should I back out
>  > libc6. and reinstall libc6.2.0.7t-1?  Or is there a way
>  > to use the new version of libc6 but get rid of the errors?  I have
>  > several packages on hold pending resolution of this.
>  I had the same problem. The /etc/apt/sources.list file as installed in
>  slink points at stable (aka hamm). This gets you the wrong versions of
>  files, like libc6. Change it to point at frozen (aka slink) and apt/dselect
>  will do the right thing. Consider doing an `apt-get update ; apt-get -f
>  dist-upgrade`.

Thanks a bunch for the reply - but not sure if I understood you.  I downloaded
the libc6 package from slink - it gave me version  The version
in hamm is 2.0.7t.  Are you saying I should use the hamm version instead of
the slink version?  


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