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Re: DSelect and ftp

When Robert-Jan Kuijvenhoven wrote, I replied:

Try the command

man minicom

to learn about the minicom program for manipulating your modem.  I don't
have personal experience with it, (when I need to do these things, I
a perl script or something to gain access to the port/modem) but I've
seen messages to this list which have been enthusiastic about minicom.
Hope this helps.

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> Van:    Helge Hafting [SMTP:helge.hafting@c2i.net]
> Verzonden:      dinsdag 9 februari 1999 19:55
> Aan:    debian-user@lists.debian.org
> Onderwerp:      Re: DSelect and ftp
> You wrote:
> > Robert-Jan Kuijvenhoven:
> > > ppp.log:
> > ...
> > > send (ATZ^M)
> > > expect (OK)
> > > ^M
> > > -- Failed
> > > Failed (NO CARRIER)
> > > Connect script failed
> > > exit.
> >
> > That sounds as if ppp (or chat) is sending `ATZ' to the modem, expecting to
> > get back `OK' but getting `NO CARRIER' instead. Is that right?
> >
> > That'd definitely be a problem, but I'm not sure how it'd come about; why
> > would a modem respond to `ATZ' with `NO CARRIER'?
> Simple enough - the modem wasn't in command mode, it was at the end of the previous
> dial (that failed) but somehow the modem wasn't put back in command mode when ppp
> or whatever gave up.  (It is a good idea setting the modem up to automatically
> hang up and go to command mode when DTR drops.  That should avoid this problem.)
> So dialer sends ATZ to a modem that is dialling already.  This normally makes
> the modem give up the dialling asap, and return NO CARRIER.  Trying
> ATZ again will usually work.
> Helge Hafting
> John Hasler wrote:
> ATZ means "soft reset and restore stored profile 0".  Perhaps profile 0 is whacky.  Try AT&F0 to restore factory profile 0.
> John Hasler
> I am sorry, but I am a linux newbie and I don't know how to setup the modem to hang up and go to command mode when DTR drops and I don't know how to try AT&F0. Would you be so kind as to explain some modem-basics for linux to me, please.
> Thanks,
> Robert-Jan Kuijvenhoven
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