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Re: reconfiguring a serial port -- please help

Richard Black wrote:

> Hi all
> I am trying to reconfigure my serial ports and am having no luck.  At
> the moment, I have my mouse on /dev/ttyS0 and an internal modem on
> /dev/ttyS1.
> What I want to do is put my modem on /dev/ttyS2 IRQ7 so that I can use
> the built in serial board (that I presume exists on my mother board) on
> /dev/ttyS1 (irq 3) for other stuff.
> First I changed the jumpers on my model to COM3 IRQ 7 (an unused IRQ)
> and added the following line in /etc/rc.boot/0setserial
> ${SETSERIAL} -b /dev/ttyS2 irq 7 port 0x3E8 skip_test autoconfig

I think you need to specify the uart (serial chip) on the modem card.

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