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Re: Tracking changes made by installation of software

In a message dated 2/6/99 2:51:14 AM Central Standard Time, jiri@baum.com.au

> > allows admins to prevent users from making incorrect modifications where
>  > they shouldn't be.
>  Why aren't you setting permissions appropriately?
>  Unlike MS DOS / Win, in Linux you can set files to be read-only to ordinary
>  users, or invisible altogether (inaccessible directories).

This doesn't have anything to with my system, I'm just repoting on what
tripwire does.  I don't have permission problems, but a sysadmin might -
considering he might have several users with root priveledges - or users with
enough access to change certain important files. 

>  Actually, a simple version shouldn't be difficult at all - if you start
>  with the `find and diff' idea, but put a checksum next to each of the
>  files, then you'll have a list of files added, files removed and files
>  changed. For the changed files, you compare them with an archive version
>  using diff again.

You're right, this isn't a major undertaking - just trying to prevent
dupication of code that might already be in existence.  The find and diff idea
is the exact approach I plan on using.


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