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RE: KDE & Toolbar icons...


There was a problem with this package. I remember you could solve it by
installing some kde?????-dev_????.deb (I believe it was

A better solution would be to fetch the KDE 1.1 pre2  packages. Take a look at
the kde page (www.kde.org).

Have fun.


Brant Wells writes:
 > Howdy Y'all!
 > I had to reformat my Linux box because NT screwed up the partitions... I 
 > re-installed everything from scratch...But this time, I'm having new 
 > problems...
 > With KDE, the KDE Icons (like in the kfm) appear as black blocks or 
 > trashy images...I'm using KDE 1.0, off of the Debian Archive 1 cd 
 > (August 98)...  can anyone help?
 > Thankx,
 > Brant
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