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	Hi All.

	I have to set up an IRC server. That's all right.
	But I also have to let a channel open in this same server, because
I want my students to log in this channel as soon as they enter irc
(bitchx -c <channel>  or  irc -c <channel>). "Once upon a time", it was
done using something called "bots", that were basically users that never
logged off (not counting power fails :). They were some kind of "scripts" I
believe, but it was ages ago. 

	Could somebody tell me (or point me some document where I can read
about it, because in Debian's manuals pages I was not able to find any
reference to anything like this) How can I do this. In short: I am setting
this server for my 1999 math class and, I want them to talk with
themselves. In order to do so, they will be getting accounts on Linux Boxes
(or will connect using vncservers) and I would like to hava an alias like

	alias chat 'bitchx -c <channel> -n $USER irc.socrates.if.usp.br'

	I could not understand the use of the config files: .ircrc or
.bitchxrc. Any help is more than welcome!


Daniel Doro Ferrante                 email: danieldf@latt.if.usp.br
Network/System Manager			    danieldf@fma.usp.br
WebMaster				    danieldf@cecm.usp.br
CECM - Curso de Ciências Moleculares - USP
       Course of Molecular Sciences - University of São Paulo - Brazil

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