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Re: User names.

Hmmm ... I didn't know about this limit when I installed and used a
ten-character username and an eight or nine-character password.  When I log
in, I have to use the full username (alphenglor), and my home dir is
/home/alphenglor, but files owned by me are shown as alphengl.alphengl (I'm
not at a terminal with a mouse and can't paste an ls -l to be explicit, 
sorry).  I think that my password was truncated at eight characters, though,
as sometimes I would swear that I hit an extra key at the end but I can
still get in.

As far as mail aliases go, though, you can set up your MTA to do that;
/etc/aliases, I think.


On Thu, Feb 04, 1999 at 06:06:25PM -0800, Chris Wong wrote:
> Hmm,
> 	For Debian, user names are limited to 8 characters.. as well
> as the passwords. How can this be, lengthened? ... as well as long
> email addreses? ie:
> chris.wong@domain.com
> christopher_wong@domain.com
> 	Thanks.
> Chris Wong | cw@addm.com
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