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Re: how to install packages w/o package file?


> Is there a simple way to install these files without a package file? 

Someone else already posted how to use dpkg; if you want to stick with
dselect, you can tell the `mounted' method that the distribution top level
is "none", main binary dir is where your .debs are, and when it asks where
the packages file is, tell it "scan" (like it tells you to).

It warns you that it'll take a long time, but it's not really that bad
unless you have a great many packages. I used this method for my initial
install, because I picked packages off the web site on a good network link,
put them on a CD and brought that home.

Note that dselect will then show a lot of `Obsolete/local' packages which
obviously aren't either. Just ignore them, they won't go away.


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