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Re: PPP and Modem Question

"Danny R. Gray" wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Well after a couple of months I decided to connect to my ISP.  I have a
> machine at the local firestation that I want to use as an IPMasq
> "server" and my home PC.  Both have given me a bit of a problem.  I am
> running Debian - hamm on both.


> My home PC is more fun!  I got a Zoom 56K - PCI DualModem for Christmass
> to replace a Toshiba WinModem.  It appears to be plug and play.
> Windows98 assigns it to COM 4, IRQ 10.  Linux does not see it at all
> during boot.  I have tried booting to Win98 then loadlin but I still do
> not get the modem.

At a command prompt, try typing "setserial /dev/ttyS3 irq 10" (I think this is the
correct syntax; I'm doing it from memory and don't have a way to check it right now).
Then test your modem. If it works, add this line to /etc/boot/0setserial so it'll
happen on each boot-up.

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