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Re: Mutt & vim

Thus spake Dave Swegen (dave@recursive.prestel.co.uk):

> 1) How do I go about assigning different settings for vim, ie having 
> textwidth when composing mail with mutt, but not when coding?

Ok, in your ~/.muttrc or /etc/Muttrc or /usr/local/etc/Muttrc (for systemwide

do this:
set editor="vim -c 'set tw=78' -c ':0;/^Reply-To: '"

change the line if you have a set editor, or add it if don't...

That'll startup vim with wrapping at col 78 and position the cursor at
Reply-To:, which is the last line of the header.

> 2) Where do I change the syntax-highlighting colours in such a way that they
> won't be affected by the next upgrade to vim (the default colours for some 
> apps is a bit dodgy - dark blue on black for instance)?

All that is completely definable in /etc/vimrc, so a bit of experimentation to
see what colour combinations is all that is needed.  ...can be tricky to find
out the "perfect" one the first time though.

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