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Re: Help me to install Debian 2.0

It seems that you are getting through the installation of the base system
OK - is that right ?

If so, then IIRC there is no need to manually mount the CD ROM - you should
be sent straight to the "slick pick" section which asks what sort of system
you want and from there into dselect.

Once in dselect, choose <access method> CD ROM and you will be asked the
device name - this will be /dev/hd<x> where <x> is a letter telling linux
what controller your CD lives on. eg. The CD ROM on my main Debian box is

The CD ROM is mounted by dselect automatically and dselect searches for the
packages files itself so there shouldn't be too many more problems - at
this stage anyway :)


At 12:50 AM 1/30/99 -0200, Cristiano Viana wrote:
>Please help me.
>Please don't stay in silence.
>I am trying to install Debian but when I try to install the software
>packages, I can't mount the CD ROM.
>Some people here told me to install the isofs module, but this module is not
>listed in the fs section of the modules selection.
>Please, help me!!!!
>Thank you,
>Cristiano Viana
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