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2.2 with IPmasq and LP

My initial install of the kernel 2.2.0 was not too good.  I have to admit,
I do not keep up with the development kernels, only the stable ones... so I
felt very newbie-ish upon the problems.

IPMasq... It is simply not setup the same.  ipfwadm does not work anymore
and I needed to use ipchains.  also adding the 'echo "1" >
/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward' was something new as well.

Once this was in place diald and ppp was working (PPP built in the kernel
and SLIP as a module).

LP, however, I cannot figure out.  I have parport (tried in the kernel and
as module), parport_pc.o and lp.o all built.  I cannot get it to detect my
printer?  I know it is going to use /dev/lp0 instead of /dev/lp1, but the
kernel reports that no devices have been found?  very odd.   All I have to
do is reboot to my previous 2.0.36 kernel and it detects the printer fine.

Any thoughts?


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